Why you should learn VBA

Why you should learn VBA


Why you should learn VBA

Why you should learn VBA explained in simple terms

VBA stands for Visual Basic for Applications (Microsoft). I’m aware that this seems dull and technical.
But the main focus of VBA is automating Excel’s operations. I’ll clarify what it implies. For instance, you may use VBA to configure Excel to automatically copy and paste any desired content when you cut and paste. That’s fantastic. But the length of time it takes is truly fantastic.
VBA does not require “human” time to do tasks. Computer time—which is only a few seconds—is required. So if you typically spend an hour each month copying and pasting updates to a report…
You can do it quickly if you know how to use VBA. And it goes beyond just copying and pasting. You may ask Excel to perform intricate research, generate a Profit and Loss Statement, or even construct a whole PowerPoint slide show!
Automation is the process of using VBA to automate Excel
The industrial revolution was caused by automation… because technological advancements allowed for far higher production from firms.
Anyway, after you’ve saved time, you’re free to use it for worthwhile endeavours. Do a two-hour work lunch, browse your Instagram feed, or perhaps do what I did and take additional actions that can advance your career.
One of VBA’s main advantages is that. Making time for yourself, not just preserving it.
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