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Our team has members who have worked on and are experienced in analysing and interpreting data in various field of research including medicine, agriculture, natural sciences, social sciences, languages, economics and business. We have the experts to employ models which are specific to all these subject areas.

Some of the quantitative models we work with include:

Descriptive Statistics

Hypothesis Testing and ANOVA

Correlation Analysis

Reliability Analysis

Multiple Linear regression

Logistical linear regression

Structural Equation modeling

Principal Component and Factor Analysis

Cluster Analysis

Propensity Score Matching

ToolPak-Data Analysis

Business Analytics

Some of the qualitative techniques our experts are experienced in include:

Thematic analysis

Pattern Matching

Explanation Building

Time-series analysis

Logic Models

Cross-case synthesis

Grounded theory

Phenomenological psychology

Discourse analysis

Narrative Research

Intuitive enquiry


Why you should use data analysis in business

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