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Data Collection Services in Harare

Data collection services from Data Analysis Training and Advisory Services Harare include both online and offline surveys, interviews and focus group discussions. We also conduct document analysis should your data be from published documents.


Any research relies on accurate data in order to come up with accurate findings which make the entire study worthwhile. If you end up with low-quality data, then your findings will have compromised credibility.

Trained Field personnel countrywide

We have a team of trained field personnel ready to collect your data even at short notice anywhere in Zimbabwe. The thorough training we provide our field workers ensure that your work is done in a professional, accurate manner. Our field workers are conveniently based in different parts of the country to facilitate quick deployment where necessary.

Data quality

We are trained to sift through any type of data, and transforming it to meaningful market and business insights, to aid your company into making the best possible business decisions.

To efficiently execute our services, we are equipped with all the extensive web research and data analysis skills. Our professionals with comprehensive  experience use advanced techniques to collect voluminous quantities of data and deliver valuable analytics insights in form of visual dashboards to your organization.

  • Market research data
  • Data from survey and questionnaire
  • Web data to collect data from websites
  • Data collection and reporting
  • Data of medical / hospital records
  • Consumer data
  • Marketing data
  • Product details, pricing & review data

Our customized data collection services are designed to meet your specific needs.

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