We recognize the need for expert data analysis by many private researchers and organisations who are carrying out their own research. We have therefore put together a team of eminently experienced qualitative and quantitative researchers to assist with your data analysis needs. Our team consists of members who are experts in quantitative data analysis, others who are experts in qualitative data analysis and yet others who are experts in specific models. All our data analysis consultants specialise in a particular area where they are able to provide the greatest value. That way you are always sure that when you deal with us you are dealing with an expert in the type of data analysis you require.

We have carefully put together a team of individuals from diverse backgrounds who share one thing in common. Our team all has that unwavering commitment to ensure that research findings are compiled and communicated accurately.  Every member of our team has a passion for delivering quality research and to top it all, they are equipped with the necessary skills. Our team members are continuously studying to acquaint themselves with new data analysis techniques and stay abreast with trends. Armed with the latest technologies and data analysis techniques, you cannot go wrong when you work with us.


Our data analysts possess postgraduate qualifications in their respective specialist subject areas. In addition, they regularly go through in-house and external training on emerging trends in data analysis. Where we do not have a team member who is perfectly suited to your project, we have a database of external consultants who we can call in at short notice. These are consultants who have established their credentials working with us on numerous projects over the years.


The average experience of our senior consultants spans more than 30 years each, meaning that when you work with us you will benefit from a team that does not have to reinvent the wheel. We have been there so many times before and we certainly do not need to experiment anymore. We use tried and tested methods and avoid the pitfalls which we have learnt over the years. This helps us to deliver your work in quick time and without need for much revision. In fact, most of our clients go through our report once and accept without ammendment.

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