Marketing Analytics Training Course

Course Duration : 2 Days

Who is this course for?

This course is intended for participants who are interested in understanding how data can be used to improve marketing campaigns and make better marketing decisions.

  • Marketing professionals: Marketing professionals who want to learn how to use data to improve their marketing campaigns. This could include marketers in a variety of roles, such as digital marketers, social media marketers, email marketers, and brand managers.
  • Business students: Business students who are interested in learning about the intersection of marketing and data analytics. This could include students who are majoring in marketing, business administration, or data science.
  • Data analysts: Data analysts who want to learn how to apply their skills to the marketing field. This could include data analysts who work in marketing departments, consulting firms, or other organizations.
  • Entrepreneurs: Entrepreneurs who want to learn how to use data to make better marketing decisions for their businesses.
  • Anyone who is interested in learning about marketing analytics: This could include anyone who is interested in understanding how data can be used to improve marketing campaigns and make better marketing decisions.
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Marketing Analytics Training Course in Harare


Upon completion of this program, participants should be able to:

  • Describe and identify the steps in the marketing planning process
  • Explain how data-driven decison making impacts marketing
  • Identify types of analytics used in marketing
  • Apply lessons from how some major corporations used analytics to improve its marketing strategy to other contexts.

Key Content

  1. The Marketing Process

  • Why Marketing Analytics?
  • Introduction to the Marketing Process
  • The Strategic Challenge
  • Utilising Data to Improve Marketing Strategy
  • Using Text Analytics
  1. Brand and Brand architecture

  • Introduction to Metrics for Measuring Brand Assets
  • Measuring Brand Value
  • Developing Brand Personality
  • Developing Brand Architecture
  • The Brand Pyramid
  1. Customer Lifetime Value

  • Customer Lifetime Value (CLV)
  • Calculating CLV
  • Understanding the CLV Formula
  • Applying the CLV Formula
  • Extending the CLV Formula
  • Using CLV to Make Decisions
  1. Understanding Experimental Design

  • Spreadsheet with Formulas
  • Determining Cause and Effect through Experiments
  • Designing Basic Experiments
  • Designing Before – After Experiments
  1. Calculating Breakeven and Lift

  • Designing Full Factorial Web Experiments
  • Analyzing an Experiment
  • Calculating Break Even and Lift
  • Calculating Projected Lift
  • Pitfalls of Marketing Experiments
  • Maximizing Effectiveness
  • Transformation of Marketing
  1. Understanding and Interpreting Regressions

  • Using Regression Analysis
  • What Regressions Reveal
  • Interpreting Regression Outputs
  • Multivariable Regressions
  • Omitted Variable Bias
  • Using Price Elasticity to Evaluate Marketing
  • Understanding Log-Log Models
  • Marketing Mix Models


Informative presentation, group discussion and presentations, hand on practical sessions

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